Bangladesh’s New Education System 2023

Bangladesh’s New Education System 2023

Today we will discuss Bangladesh’s New Education System in this article. In the 50 years of independence, the country’s education system has undergone numerous changes in Bangladesh. In every change, something new has been added to Bangladesh’s New Education System in 2023. It has been said that these steps are to make the population suitable in keeping with the needs of the age. But this is the first time that an initiative has been taken to completely change the education system of primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels of the country. Classroom education is not like traditional teaching. Teachers will act as facilitators in the classroom rather than teaching.

Students will not memorize answers to questions like parrots. Instead of summative assessments or tests, they will be assessed throughout the year. There is no exam till the third class. There will be continuous evaluation. This assessment is not just for teachers; Besides, the student’s classmates, his parents or guardians, and members of the society will also be evaluated.

As a result, determining how much the student learned from the textbook is not only in the hands of the teacher. For these reasons, the possibility of creating a way out of the clutches of note guides and coaching is being talked about. All in all, Bangladesh is entering the age of competency-based learning from an outcome-based education system.

We are dividing not unity through education: Sirajul Islam Chowdhury

Dhaka University Emeritus Professor Sirajul Islam Chowdhury said that various experiments are going on with the national curriculum. It is not bringing good results. I don’t understand why this preliminary final exam was brought and why it was withdrawn. The government wanted Vyas to give a test. Examinations have become the mainstay of our education system. As a result, we are producing more examinees than students. Parents also think good results should be done. He said the main problem of our education system is that it is divided into three streams. An education system may have different streams but I am not aware of three distinct streams at the national level in other countries. We should bring unity among people through education. By not doing that, we are dividing through education. Our mode of education should be only one and that is in our mother tongue. We haven’t done that yet.

Sirajul Islam Chowdhury said that the value of education in Bangladesh is decreasing. Profit and money rule here. Human dignity is not being improved and developed through education. On the contrary, the importance of education is decreasing due to the fact that it is oriented. On the other hand, the number of educated people is increasing but employment is not increasing. And if employment does not increase, educated unemployed are created. An educated unemployed is not a good thing for society. The fact that people are being educated but not being able to work is why the interest is also decreasing. People are getting an education because they have nothing else to do. Back in the day passing MA would have expected a big job but now there is no such expectation. Due to this gap between education and work, the quality of education is not improving.

We want an education system to make global citizens: Syed Manjurul Islam

Professor Dr. Syed Manjurul Islam said we want such an education system that will play a role in becoming a global citizen. Whatever is required for this, should be achieved from the classroom. In today’s world, it is important to know English and at least one other language besides the mother tongue. For example, the Spanish language. This language is important in all countries in South America except Brazil.

Education reform initiatives are bold and positive: Rasheda K Chowdhury

Rasheda K Chowdhury, executive director of the Mass Literacy Campaign (CAMP) and veteran leader of the education movement said, I am one of the generation of young students during the liberation war. The struggle, the consciousness, and the dream of freedom were all ideological. We have grown up with the dream of not only educational and economic, but humane and discrimination-free Bangladesh as a whole. However, due to various setbacks later on, the place of expectation has suffered a lot. Talking to Yugantar on Tuesday, he highlighted his attitude towards the country’s education system.

The participatory learning system of the society has been kept in the new curriculum. How to implement it should be taught to teachers through training. Apart from this, steps should be taken through investment in teacher training, infrastructure development, construction, and use of necessary laboratories, and appropriate classrooms. This should be done in such a way that there is no distinction between the educational institutions of the city and the Mofswal. Cadet College is a prime example of a good investment. We want that example in all cases.

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