HSC Class XI Humanities subject list with subject code 2023 |get now|

HSC Class XI Humanities subject list with subject code 2023

Find the HSC class XI Humanities subject list

In the humanities section, the HSC exam is conducted in a total of 13 subjects. You have to take a total of 13 subjects including optional and compulsory subjects out of all the subjects available while taking admission in humanities. Many people get admission in humanities in class 11th after passing SSC. After admission, their first task is to collect the HSC class XI Subject list of humanities. Books by different authors on different subjects are available in the market, you must first collect the list of books.

Also I have noticed that many people are looking for HSC class XI humanities subject lists on the internet. So in today’s post I am going to share for you the list of 11th class humanities books with subject code. If you are a class 11 student then this post is very important for you so please read the entire post.

HSC Class XI Humanities Subject List – With Subject Code

Humanities students must collect a class 11 book list after admission in college. Books of the humanities department should be bought following this list. So in the table given below I have shared with you Class XI Humanities book list with subject code. Hope you will find a complete list of humanities books for class 11th.

serial noBooks/Subjects nameSubject code
1Bangla 1st paper101
2English-1st paper107
3Municipal policy and good governance-1st paper169
4Economics-1st Paper109
5Geography-1st paper125
6Psychology-1st Paper123
7Logic-1st Paper121
8Islamic Education-1st Paper249
9History-1st Paper304
10Agricultural Education- 1st Paper239
11Social Work-1st Paper271
12Statistics-1st paper129
13Information and Communication Technology 275
14History and Culture of Islam-1st paper267

Humanities subjects in college

After clearing the SSC exam, everyone gets admission in the college. But they don’t know what subjects are in college. If you have recently taken admission in the humanities department in college, then it is important to know about the subjects of the humanities department in college. Generally after two years of study in college one has to participate in the HSC examination. So there are some differences between first year and second year subjects. I have already shared with you the complete list of class 11 humanities books with subject codes. If you have not yet collected the list of humanities subjects in college, then do so quickly.


In today’s post I have tried to share with you HSC Class XI Humanities Subject list with subject code. Hopefully, you have benefited a lot from this post and have gained an understanding of the subjects of humanities in college. It should be remembered that the first and second year students have to participate in the HSC examination. So study carefully from the first year itself.

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