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HSC college admission confirmation and board registration verification procedure

Find the HSC college admission 2023 confirmation

HSC college admission 2023-2024 academic year must be confirmed within the stipulated time. The 3rd stage admission result will be released on 23rd September. Know the process of securing admission in the selected college after publication of merit list.

HSC College Admission Assurance and Board Registration Verification Procedure 2023

After publication of the 3rd merit list for HSC college admission, from 24th September to 25th September 2023 AD. Date to be confirmed by college.

If admission is not guaranteed within the stipulated time, the college selection will be cancelled. This is the final application. So be careful.

Board Assurance Fee 335/= (Three Hundred Thirty Five) Rupees.

Caution: It is very important to pay the mentioned college assurance fee within the stipulated time. Be sure to take the help of someone experienced in paying the fees here.

If the college guarantee fee is not paid in due amount, the college selection will be cancelled, the admission notification said.

Know the details about the next schedule of 11th admission in the notification below.

HSC College Admission (11th) Confirmation Procedure

College admission confirmation has to be completed by paying the fee through online mobile banking. 11th admission can be confirmed through Bkash, Cash, Sonali Seva, Rocket, YouPay, Tap and OK Wallet.

Note: Before paying the college guarantee fee, you must know the details about the fee payment procedure of the admission website.

Illustrative information on payment of guarantee fee can be obtained from the following address on the admission website.


Method to ensure admission to XI through BKash 2023

Be aware: College confirmation is very important for admission. So take the help of an experienced person in this case. College selection will be cancelled if the fee is not paid. This is very important.

After paying the college confirmation fee, verify the college confirmation as per the instructions in the below paragraph.

Follow all the steps as below attached image to pay confirmation fee through Bkash.

College XI admission confirmation verification procedure

Be sure to verify that your college confirmation fee has been deposited correctly with the board. Because if the registration fee of the board is not deposited, the college selection will be cancelled. So be careful about this and check the confirmation by visiting the address below.


Copy the above address and paste it in the address bar of the browser and browse.

The registration fee payment verification form will appear as shown in the image below. If you give the information of the student who wants to get admission here, you can see the correct board fee deposit information.


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