HSC exam 2023 to be Postponed only in disaster-affected areas | By Minister NEWS

HSC exam 2023 to be Postponed only in disaster-affected areas | By Minister NEWS

HSC Exam 2023 Postponed due to natural calamities.But HSC exam postponed in only flood affected areas.

  • No opportunity HSC exam to be postponed because of the dengue situation, says Dipu Moni
  • Minister urges protesting students to prepare

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Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations of three education boards have been postponed due to natural calamities.Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar, coordinator of Inter-Education Board, gave this information on Friday (August 11) night. The three boards are, Chittagong Education Board, Madrasa Education Board and Technical Education Board. So, in these three boards the HSC exam postponed unfortunately.

Tapan Kumar Sarkar said that due to the natural calamity, the HSC and equivalent exams under the three education boards will start from August 27 instead of August 17. Other board exams will be held as per the schedule published from August 17 as usual.

This year HSC and equivalent written exams were scheduled to be held simultaneously across the country from August 17 to September 25. The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education published the examination schedule on June 8.

Meanwhile, students and parents demanded that the HSC exam be postponed this year due to the outbreak of dengue disease. In addition to postponing the exam, it was also demanded to take the exam with 50 marks. However, this demand is not justified by commenting on an event last Tuesday, Dr. Education Minister.

Dipu Moni informed the community that the exam will be held on time.Dipu Moni said that Every year there is a dengue outbreak but the number of cases this year is very high. There is no opportunity to postpone HSC exams because of the Dengue situation.

 But in flood affected areas HSC exam postponed.

She said that some candidates are disturbed as they are not prepared. But, authorities cannot postpone the exams of 1.4 million other candidates just because of the ones who are not prepared. 

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HSC and Equivalent Examination 2023 will be conducted in all subjects as per National Curriculum and Textbook Board, Bangladesh (NCTB) revised syllabus 2022.

This time 13 lakh 59 thousand 342 students will participate in HSC and equivalent exams. Among them, 6 lakh 88 thousand 887 students and 6 lakh 70 thousand 455 female students. One lakh fifty-five thousand 935 candidates have increased this time than the last time. Last time there were 12 lakh three-thousand 407 candidates. This exam will be held in two-thousand 658 centers.

Exams will end on the 25th of September.

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