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National University Honours Second-Year Exam Routine 2023

National University Honours Second-Year Exam Routine 2023 has been published already on the National University’s official website. According to the published new routine, this year the Honours Second Year Examination will start on 31st November from 12:30 PM. National University Honours Second-Year Candidates can easily download the new routine from here.

National University Honours Second-Year Exam Routine 2023 – Information

Here are some important facts about the National University Honours Second-Year Exam Routine 2023. We assume that you will like this informative post. In this segment, let’s see some important information about the Honors Second-year exam.

Examination nameHonours Second Year Exam 2023
Examination Code2202
Start Date31 November 2023
End time11 February  2023
Type of examRegular, irregular & grade improvement.
Exam Time12.30 pm

This important data about the Honours Second-year exam will be useful for you. Apart from this data, we will share many important information about the upcoming exam.

NU Honours 2nd Year Exam Routine 2023

National University Honours Second-Year Examination Routine 2023 has been published on 18 September 2023. According to the new routine, the examination will start on 16th October 2023 from 1 PM and it will continue for 3 to 4 hours. Let’s see the routine below.

National University Honours Second-Year Exam Routine 2023
National University Honours Second-Year Exam Routine 2023

According to the National University Honours Second-Year Exam Routine 2023 published on 18th September 2023, the exam will start on 16th October 2023. According to the routine, the examination will be wrapped on 28 November 2023.

The honors Second-year exam will start at noon every day. On the other hand, the practical test will start after the completion of the theoretical examination.NU Honours Second-Year practical test routine will be published later.

Honours 2nd-Year Exam 2023 Rules and Regulations

In order to ensure a well-organized and disciplined atmosphere within the Honors 2nd-year exam centers, the National University has introduced a set of guidelines and corresponding penalties. This comprehensive document is readily accessible on the official National University website. Let’s explore the framework of rules and the consequences outlined in this latest exam notice.

To uphold a sense of order and decorum within the Honors 2nd Year examination venues, the National University has introduced a set of regulations and penalties, all of which have been detailed in an official notice available on the National University’s website. Let’s take a closer look at these essential guidelines and the ramifications of non-compliance, as outlined in the new examination notice.

NU Honours 2nd-Year Form Fill-Up Time Extend Notice 2023

National University has recently issued a notice addressing the extension of the deadline for submitting second-year Honors examination forms. 

As per the announcement, the application window for filling out the online forms for the Honors second-year examination is now open from October 30, 2023, and has been graciously extended until November 12, 2023. Furthermore, the deadline for depositing fees through Sonali Seba has also been prolonged, now spanning from November 14 to 15.

Discipline and Punishment of NU Honours 2nd-Year Exam 2023

Any attempt to disrupt the sanctity of the examination hall by engaging in illicit activities, as outlined in the official notice, will not go unpunished.

Here are the key regulations to bear in mind:

  • Silence must be maintained; no communication between candidates is allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the examination hall.
  • The use of mobile phones/electronic devices is strictly prohibited.
  • Seating assignments must be adhered to.
  • Any inappropriate content on answer sheets is not permissible.
  • Providing false information to attend the exam is strictly prohibited.
  • Answer sheets must not be taken outside the examination room.
  • Altering the cover or page of the answer sheet is against the rules.
  • Cheating or duplicating within the examination hall is a serious offense.
  • No form of disturbance or obstruction is tolerated in the examination hall.

To maintain the integrity of the examination process, severe penalties are in place for those who breach these rules. Consequences may include the cancellation of the current year’s exam or even the cancellation of the subsequent year’s exam. Therefore, all students are earnestly requested to uphold order and decorum within the examination hall, ensuring a fair and just examination process for everyone.

  • NU Honours 2nd-year exam Conditions For Regular Students 
Students enrolled in Honors Courses at the National University during the academic year 2020-2021. Successfully advanced to the second year by passing the Honors first-year examination in 2021.
Completed the Honors second-year curriculum in 2022.
  • Students from the academic years 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020 can attend the test.
  • Not promoted to the next level due to a lack of success in the Honors Second Year Examination.
  • Students who did not participate in the second-year examination in 2022.
  • A student with a course pass certificate from the previous year is not required to retake the examination.
  • Those who appeared for the Honors 2nd-year examination in 2021 and received C or D grades.

All of these mentioned students will have the opportunity to undertake a grade improvement test, with a maximum allowance of two courses and one F-grade retake permitted.

  • Improvement Exam Student’s Conditions

To begin with, it’s great news for Honors 2nd Year 2021 students, whether they appeared as regular or irregular candidates, as they have successfully advanced to the 3rd year.

  • These students will have the opportunity to participate in the grade improvement test, but only for courses where they received a C grade or below.
  • A maximum of two courses can be chosen for improvement.
  • Now, for students who participated in the second-year examination during the academic years 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020 and secured their third promotion, there’s a requirement to address:

If any of these students obtained an F grade, they must work towards raising it to at least a D grade through the registration exam.

Students who’ve improved an A grade to a higher one won’t be eligible for further grade improvements, and the maximum attainable grade will be capped at B plus, regardless of their exam results.
For students who appeared in the second-year exam in 2021 and received a C Promote grade, there’s an obligation to participate in the 2022 exam using an absence letter. In this scenario, an additional fee of Tk 1000 needs to be paid on top of the total fee.
These guidelines aim to ensure that students can enhance their academic standing while maintaining fairness and transparency in the grading process.
  • Special Permission for 2013-14, 2014-15 Students

Students who may have earned one or more F grades during the academic years of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 have the opportunity to sit for the Honors second-year examination in 2023. This can be achieved by submitting a total fee of five thousand taka. The advantage here is that there is no requirement to pre-register for this process.

Any student who fails to complete the necessary form or misses the examination for any reason will not be granted a second chance to participate in the examination at a later date.

Furthermore, there will be no opportunity for grade improvement in the practical examination.

Honours Second Year Examination FAQ

At this stage, we will partake with you some important questions and their answers (FAQ) related to the Honours Second-Year 2023 exam. let’s dive into the FAQ’s! 

When will start Honours 2nd Year Exam 2023 start?

The examination will start on 31st November 2023 from 12;30 PM every day.

How can you download Honours Second Year Exam Routine 2023?

If you want to download the NU Honours Second-Year exam routine 2023, then read our post carefully above. Otherwise, you can get it through the official website of the national university.   

How to download the Honours Second Year Exam admit card 2023?

You do not have to download your admit card as the college authorities will distribute the Honours Second-year admit card to the candidates according to the National University guidelines.

Apart from this, if you have any questions related to the National University Honours Second-Year Exam Routine 2023, you can also shoot questions to us. Soon we will respond to your questions.


National University Honours 2nd Year-Exam Routine 2023 has formerly been published.  According to the published routine, the examination will start on 31st November this month.  

Since the exam routine has been published, candidates are requested to prepare for their respective examinations. They should also collect the admit card for Honuor’s Second-year exam from the college authority. Congrats you hit the end and thanks for holding on to us.

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