NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023

NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023

NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice and fee 2023 has been published officially. So if you want to read or download the notice then you are in the right place. National University(NU) Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice has been posted on this page down below. 

Many of you are looking for NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023. How to fill out the form online? How much money do you have to deposit to fill up the form? And who can apply for the form will be discussed in detail. We have made this article for your needs so that you can easily download your Form Fill-Up notice from here. We have discussed here all the information related to your NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023. To get the actual notice, you need to read our post carefully.

Date of NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023

This NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023 is for 2022-23 Regular Students. For Irregular student’s education years 2021-22, 20-21,19-20. For grade improvement students in 2016-17,17-18, and 18-19 academic years can apply online for the fill-up form exam.

In this part of the notice, we will share with you some important dates and times for NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023. From here you will know the Honours Second-year online form-filling application and money deposit details etc. Hope these will be handy to you all the time.

Start Date18 September 2023
END DATE15 October 2023
Student Data Entry verification17 October 2023 till 11.59 PM
Pay Fee by Sonali Seba18 October to 19 October 2023

Applicants must apply for Honours Second Year Form Fill Up within the defined time. There is no chance to fill up the form with a late fee after the deadline. So, you have to finish theNU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023 within the mentioned time.

      NU Honours Second year Form Fill-Up Notice and Fee (2023)

National University has published a new notice for filing the Second-year honours examination form. According to the new notice, the time for filling out the online application form and depositing money for the Honours Second-year examination has been started.

Besides, the published notice has shared much important information associated with exam fees and form filling. Let’s check out the notice above. According to the notice, the date of submission of the form-filling fee through Sonali Seba has been started from October 19 to October 20, 2023.

New Notice of NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Online 2023

National University has released a new notice for NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee on 18th September 2023. There are some changes done so students are requested to go into it carefully. 

  • Second, go to the website ( and search for the Second-year form
  • Now type the registration number 
  • Select the subject code (including practical).
  • Download the submission form after selecting the subject correctly
  • The Honours Second-year application form should be printed after downloading
  • At last, It should be submitted to the concerned department head along with the direct fee

 If there is any kind of error in the student registration card then it must be right before it is complete. A copy of the registration card along with the application form must be accepted by the college authority within the time.

       NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Fee 2023

The National University has declared the fee for Honours Second Year Exam Form Fill-Up 2023. The National University Honours have fixed the fee for filling up the form for the 2nd year student exam 2023. At this stage, we will find out about the actual fee for filling out the 2022 Honors Second-year exam form. Let’s go to check the NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023.

Theoretical (Per Subject)250 Taka.
Theoretical (Per 1/2 Subject)200 Taka.
Practical (Per Subject)250 Taka.
In course Exam Fee (Per Student) is300 Taka.
Exam Center Fee450 Taka.
Exam Center Fee (Practical)120 Taka.
The special inclusion feeis 300 Taka.
Students who have obtained F Grades in the academic year 2013-14 & 2014-155000 Taka.
C Promoted Students1000 Taka.

The list you can see above is the fees for filling out the form for the Honours Second Year Examination 2022(exam year 2023). The fee for filling out this form is fixed by the college. The list that you can see above has been fixed by the National University (NU).

However, you must communicate with the college and get informed about the fee while applying for the form fillup.

NU Honours Form Fill-Up Fee Submission Process

The fees of all candidates of the Honours Second-year examination of 2022 will be submitted by the college authority through Sonali service on the designated website. 

The total amount of money will be written in the pay slip mentioning the savings account number in the respective sector. After taking the print copy, submit it to any branch of the nearest Sonali Bank and collect the deposit receipt.

Besides, the form fill-up rules, application fee, and acceptability are also discussed in this notice. We will discuss each step separately with the students.

Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up FAQ

We will share some important questions and answers about the NU Honours Second Year Form Fill-Up Notice And Fee 2023. These questions are often searched by students. Hope you will find the answer down there.

  1. When will start Honours 2nd Year Form Fill Up-2023?

According to the newly published notice of the National University, the online application for the Honors Second-year examination form 2023 will start on 10 September 2023.

2. How to complete the Honours Second-year exam form Fill up online.

To complete the entire online program of the Honors  2nd Year Exam, you need to enter the National University’s official website and Then complete the form-filling process by entering all the information with your registration number.

3. When will the honours second-year exam 2023 start?

After publishing the Second year exam routine 2023, you will find out when the honours Second-year exam will start.

4. How to Apply for Honours  2nd Year Form Fill Up Online?

Please read the article carefully, we already shared this information above in detail.

Final Word 

At this point, we will know how to complete the form filled out online to participate in the Honors Second-year exam in 2023. We discussed each step in detail so that you can easily recognize it so you can fill out the form yourself. Let’s start without delay. Congrats you’re hitting the bottom and Thanks for reading. 

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