SSC FORM FILL-UP AND FORM FILL-UP FEE 2024 was officially declared by the Ministry of Education Dhaka board last Sunday (October 15) and a circular was published by the Ministry of Education about the SSC FORM FILL-UP AND FORM FILL-UP FEE 2024. In today’s post, it is said that the students of the SSC-2024 examination will be able to fill the form from which date, how much money will be required to fill the form, how much money will be required to fill the form after the date of filling the form, etc. in this post.

SSC FORM FILL-UP AND FORM FILL-UP FEE 2024 – All The Important Dates

Publication of Form Fill Commencement Notice by the Ministry of Education15 October 2023
Form Fillup Starting Date30th October 2023
Last Date of Form Fill-Up8 November 2023

 SSC Examination From Fill-Up Fee 2024 Of All Board

There are three departments in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination.

The amount required to fill the form without a late fee for regular students is as follows-

Number of feesScience DepartmentBusiness DivisionDepartment of Humanities
Board Fee1625  1535 1535  
Center Fee515  485  485  
Total Fee2140 Tk2020 Tk2020 Tk

If any student or parent pays the fee including the late fee then he/she has to pay the fee with a penalty of 100 Taka per student. Every educational institution is to receive a total of 24 months’ salary from students of classes 9th and 10th. For that, students have to pay school fees till 31 December 2023.

If a student fails to pay the form fee within this date then the student will be deferred

The amount of the form filled with the fee has to be paid in this case the date of the form filled with the late fee.

as follows-

Payment of Fees including Late Charges Commencement09 November 2023
Payment of fees including late fees due13 November 2023

Check the official notification of SSC from the fill-up and form fill-up fee for details

The anticipation among students and parents has been building, and this recent announcement brings a sense of clarity and direction to the process of SSC form submission. Let’s delve into the vital information shared in today’s post, outlining when students can start the form-filling process, the financial aspect, and other essential details.

Above we share the SSC FORM FILL-UP AND FORM FILL-UP FEE 2024 Government Notice. Hope this is useful for all the candidates and their parents for the upcoming SSC examination.

The Ministry of Education’s recent announcement has brought a sense of excitement to students and parents in Dhaka. The SSC FORM FILL-UP AND FORM FILL-UP FEE 2024 details offer a ray of hope and a roadmap for the journey ahead. So, get ready, get prepared, and seize this opportunity to embark on an exciting academic adventure. 

  • When will start the SSC examination in 2024?

The upcoming SSC examination will be held in the first week of February said the Ministry of Education board in Dhaka.

  • What is the last date of SSC from fill-up 2024?

The last of SSC from fill up is 8 November 2024.

In Conclusion

Bangladesh’s education system is undeniably resolute in its efforts to restore a sense of normalcy. The 2024 plan for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams underscores the strong desire to reinstate the conventional examination schedule. This is a promising development, affording students and teachers the much-needed predictability to plan their academic journeys more effectively.

Despite the challenges that have been faced, Bangladesh remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that students receive a high-quality education and are equipped for a promising and prosperous future. This determination is a testament to the enduring spirit of the education system in the face of adversity.

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