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In this article, You can know how you can get the SSC GPA Calculator by following some simple techniques. Within a moment you can calculate your SSC result and convert your exam results into a GPA Without having any difficulty by using the simple method. And also from this site, we will teach you how easily you can get your SSC GPA.

Using the GPA calculator, you can calculate your SSC exam result average grade points very easily without any mistakes. You don’t have to worry or waste time doing advanced math to use the calculator. With just an internet connection and a few clicks on the SSC GPA calculator, you can calculate your Secondary School Certificate (SSC) GPA Result.

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SSC GPA Calculator

SSC Grading System 2023

How to Calculate SSC GPA Result?

SSC Exam Highest and Lowest Mark Distribution 

SSC GPA Calculator FAQ

Grading System 2023 by SSC GPA calculator

The latest grading point system is given to secondary school examiners.

In this present situation, The SSC examination’s New Grading system has been changed due to the pandemic for 2021-2022. The SSC syllabus now has ten subjects, but the SSC GPA Calculator process is the same so don’t need to panic about the calculation. Three subjects are compulsory out of 10 subjects. Also, there is no 4th subject.

              Grade                  Point                  Marks
                  A+                  5.00                80-100
                  A                  4.00                70-79
                  A-                  3.50                60-69
                  B                  3.00                50-59
                  C                  2.50                40-49
                  D                  2.00                33-39
                  F                0.00                  0-32

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The following system of grading points is now applicable to the SSC results. For 80 to 100  marks is known as A plus, which means a GPA of 5.00. And then the number 70 to 79 is known as A Grade which is the point of a GPA of 4.00. Then for 60 to 69 marks, an A- Grade is given which has 3.50 points. A student gets 50 to 59 marks, then is given B Grade with a GPA point of 3.00. For 40 to 49 marks, you will get a C Grade with a GPA of 2.50. So for 33 to 39 marks then will get D Grade, whose point is GPA 2.00. And finally if a student scores below 33, then he will get an F Grade whose Point is a GPA of 0.00 in the SSC Examination.

In recent years, the Secondary Education Board has still given the results of the SSC examination in Grade Point Average (GPA). 

How to Calculate the Secondary School GPA 

At this point, you will know that students can easily convert their results step by step into GPA by using the SSC GPA Calculator. 

There are a few things about the calculator that you should know before taking action. We will discuss every part carefully so that you can easily use this calculator. So let’s go ahead! 

1. Please select Your SSC Group

First of all, you have to select your group and according to the subjects select the grades one by one for every compulsory and major subject then at last calculate the total average grade point. Normally Secondary school certificates have three selected groups such as science, business and humanities. If you are in Humanities then select Humanities, if you are reading in Science group then select Science and for Business group then you have to select Business.

2. Select Grade Format

After selecting the group now select the grade format. In every calculator, there is a grade format. There are two options for the grade format; such as GPA and points. If you want to calculate through GPA then choose the grade in each subject. And if you select the points then input the points of each subject.

3. Choose Optional Subjects

Now you need to complete the optional subjects. No matter which group you are in, every group has some optional subjects. While checking the GPA result, the optional subjects will be there.

4. Select Subject Wise Grade

By this time, you have to select the grade of your subject. (Example:If you have got an A plus in English, then select A plus in the calculator).

Note: It is a very important part of the SSC GPA calculator. If you mistakenly put your grade incorrect then it will appear incorrect. So select the grade by your actual SSC result.

5. SSC GPA Calculation Result

The final step of the calculation is now clicking on the calculate GPA button below then you will see the final SSC Grade point average. Select subject-wise grades or even points to know the proper GPA. 

There is another way to compute your SSC Result into a GPA.

Firstly, Except for the fourth subject, the points acquired in each subject have to be counted. Remove number two from the acquired points of the fourth subject. Then this point has to be counted in the previous calculation. After that, the total number of points has to be divided by the number of subjects without the fourth subject. 

Example: if a student gets a GPA of 5 in Bangla, English, Religion study, social science, Biology and Chemistry and a GPA of 4 in physics and mathematics.

Then Here is the Calculation GPA point = 38.00

And now except for the fourth subject, the total Grade point average will be = (38 ÷ 8) = 4.75. 

In this circumstance, you will be able to effortlessly uncover the GPA without the fourth subject. 

SSC Exam Highest and Lowest Mark Distribution 

The pass mark in Secondary School Certificate(SSC) is 33 out of 100. That means a student should get 33 marks to pass the equivalent examination which is the lowest grade D. 

In the results of the SSC examination, there are seven grades now available  Where the highest grade is A plus and the lowest grade is D grade. If a student fails he or she will get an F grade.

SSC GPA Calculator FAQ

Hopefully, these important frequently asked questions and their answers will help you to clear the related concepts about the SSC GPA calculator. 

  • What is SSC GPA Calculator?

SSC GPA is the average grading point system of the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination.

  • How to Calculate SSC GPA Result?

By using the SSC GPA calculator, you can get SSC GPA very easily without applying any kind of mathematical logic and it is the easiest way to get the GPA.

  • What’s the pass mark in the SSC exam?

In the SSC exam, the pass mark is 33 out of 100. Students must have to get 33 out of 100 then they will pass the SSC exam. And the grade point of the pass mark is 2.00 which is called a D grade.

To know your grade point average, you need to obey the rules of the grading system which is made by the educational board and it is very time-consuming. So by using the SSC GPA calculator, you can get your GPA without any trouble. Let us know if you got an SSC GPA Grading system and GPA Calculations. Comment below if you have any questions. We are grateful to you for sticking with us for so long.

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