Today Gold Price in Bangladesh Per vori 22k 24 carat

Today Gold Price in Bangladesh Per vori

I will discuss today gold price in bangladesh per vori in this article. Gold is a precious commodity. There is no woman who dislikes gold. Gold is one of the materials used to enhance the beauty of girls. Everyone dreams of wearing gold. But currently, the price of gold is very high. Recently, prices have gone up so much that they are now out of reach for middle-class people. So not everyone can buy gold jewelry. The purchase of gold stopped. People are also buying gold according to their abilities. Be it a small amount. Stay with us on this journey.

 Types of gold

Today the gold price in bangladesh per vori is very high. Firstly, we know about different types of gold. There are different types of gold. The types are:

  1. 24 carat gold is pure gold. Which is 99.9% gold.
  2. 22-karat gold contains 91.6% gold and 8.4% other metals.
  3. 18-karat gold contains 75% gold and 25% other metals.
  4. 14-karat gold contains 58.5% gold and 41.5% other metals.
  5. 10 karat gold contains 41.7% gold and other metals 58.3%.
  6. Gold plated. It is a thin layer of gold applied to a base metal.
  7. Full of gold. Which is a thick layer of gold applied to a base metal.
  8. Gold vermeil. Which is plated with sterling silver gold.

Gold price calculation 

It is necessary to know that Bangladeshis buy gold. By measuring gold in Bhari, One load is required for sixteen annas. But the international measure of gold is the gram. And a Vori is 11.664 grams. Anna and chickpea prices are different. Find out in this article today about today gold price in bangladesh per vori

  • Traditional methods are 18-carat.
  • 21 carat
  • 22-carat and 24-carat gold biscuits.

Gold price per vori in Bangladesh

 The price of 22-carat gold is Rs 109,874 per load. As grammeme (one grammeme) = 3.

  •  21-carat gold price bhori (one bhori) = 104,859 rupees. Per grammeme (one grammeme) = 3.
  •  18-carat gold price in Vori (one Vori) = Rs 89,929. Per grammeme (one grammeme) = 2.
  •  The traditional system uses the gold price bhori (one bhori) = 74,941 rupees. Per grammeme (one grammeme) = 7.

 The gold price we mentioned above is the jewellery rate. But the price of gold is not the same every day. Today the gold price in bangladesh per vori is much higher.

What you hear one day may increase or decrease the next day. You have to buy at this price if you go to the store. Local stores may sometimes be slightly smaller. So don’t get confused if the price changes.

 Hallmark or 916 to buy gold products.

 Hallmark, or 916, will appear at different rates when buying gold products. 22-carat gold, but all categories are key. These can be explained as:

 916 Gold

916 gold is nothing but 22-carat gold. 916 is mainly used to denote the purity of gold.  That is 91.6 grammes of pure gold in 100 grammes of alloy. The 916 image is basically 22/24 (22 carats by 24 carats). Similarly, 958 gold is 23 karats (23/24). And 750 gold is 18 karats (18/24).

 916 gold is good for making intricate jewelry. Because pure gold is very soft, Fine workmanship is not possible in 100% pure gold. For example, when buying jewellery, you should look for 916 pure gold. 22 carats is the best way to make jewellery and ornaments. It is considered to be the best quality of gold purity.

 BAJUS Gold Price in Bangladesh Today, 2024

today gold price in bangladesh per vori

 January 21, 2024, is as follows: 

NoGold typeWeightPrice/gramme
122 carat goldPer gramme9,423 BDT
221 carat goldPer gramme8,993 BDT
318 carat goldPer gramme7,712 BDT
4Sanatana goldPer gramme6,427 BDT

The gauges used to measure gold in Bangladesh are Bhori and Anna. This gauge is used for your understanding.  I hope you will know. I learned about the gold price in Bangladesh today per vori by reading this register.

 Gold 22 carat price in Bangladesh

22 carats are best for buying gold. Especially for Chen. 22 carats are stronger than 24 carats. The ornamentation is strengthened by the use of 22-carat gold. It has a high gold content. 22 carats contain 91.67 percent. The rest is silver, copper, and nickel.

 Gold is the unit of measurement in Bangladesh.

The gold units of Bangladesh are:

One vhari is 11.66 grammes.

One bhari is 16 annas.

One anna = 6 rotis

One anna is equal to 0.0625 bhari.

One bhari equals one tola

One bhari is equal to 96 rotis.

One ounce is equal to 2.43 ounces.

One tola is 11.664 grammes.

One tola is 3.746 ounces.

What is the current gold price in Bangladesh today?

Gold in our country is used for women.  Almost all girls dream of getting gold. It is a valuable as well as prestigious ornament. Which suits women. Today, the gold price in Bangladesh per vori:-

Bangladesh 22-carat gold price: 1 lakh 11 thousand taka per lot

Bangladesh 21-carat gold price: 1 lakh six thousand taka per lot

Bangladesh 18-carat gold price: Tk 90,863 per lot

Bangladesh Traditional Gold (Sanatan) Gold Price: Tk 1,75,699 per bar

 It is not always the same with international markets. Many times, there is a price difference. Because today, the price of gold can be the same. Again, tomorrow it may be different. The price of gold fluctuates. But it is steadily increasing as compared to decreasing.

How to buy gold jewellery

Be careful while buying gold jewelry. No fake or substandard items. It is necessary to take action on this matter. Buy gold jewellery, but if you don’t have , Some tips are given below:

Buy from a reputable seller

Buy from well-established retailers or manufacturers. Find gold jewellery at a reputable dealer. You can avoid buying fake or bad gold.

 Check for hallmarks and certifications

Often a hallmark of quality gold jewelry. Verified by reputed organisations like BIS Hallmark of India. It judges the purity and quality of gold. 

 Check Jewellery Weight and Price Compare jewellery weight and price with market rates. This will give you an idea of the price of gold. And it will also help identify whether the price is high or low.

 Understand different types of gold

There are different types of gold. Be aware of their purity. Like 22k, 18k, 14k, etc.

Get a written receipt

Always check the weight, purity, and value of the gold. Make sure to get a written receipt as well. This receipt will contain the seller’s name and contact information.

 Appraise the jewellery

Check the authenticity and quality of the jewelry. Another is by a reputed jeweller or gold appraiser.


Gold is as precious as it is attractive. Its true beauty grows in the throat, nose, hands, and ears of women. It beautifies women. Every woman wants to wear gold jewelry. But not much is possible due to the high cost. In this article, we have mentioned today gold price in bangladesh per vori

. Also selling the price of gold in the market in 2024. I have mentioned the price of a lot of gold in Bangladesh. I hope you understand the price of gold. And we are completely invalidated about gold types.

What is the price of gold in Bangladesh today?

The price of gold in Bangladesh varies. It depends on the weight and purity of the gold. 21-carat gold was around Rs 8,993 per gramme this month.

What is the price of 22-carat gold?

The price of 22-carat gold varies depending on market conditions. It costs Rs 1,11,000 bhori and Rs 9,423 gram. Generally, it is more expensive than pure gold.

 What is the price of 24 carat gold?

The price of 24 carat gold is Tk 1,17,106. As of January 17, 2024.

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