New HSC Marks Distribution And Question Pattern 2023

New HSC Marks Distribution And Question Pattern 2023

New HSC Marks Distribution And Question Pattern 2023 is now available on our official site .HSC students always formulate for the examination tighter because it is the staircase of their future. Almost every year HSC marks were as similar as earlier, but this year an incredible transformation happened. Many of you might want to know the New HSC Marks Distribution And Question Pattern 2023 at this point.

Let’s find together the New HSC marks distribution And Question Pattern 2023 and keep scrolling to catch a glimpse of how you can organize for the upcoming contest to bring the utmost success. There you proceed.

New HSC Mark Distribution-2023

Bangladesh reopened schools and colleges after one year of the Corona issue. During the pandemic, it was very tough for students to give attention to the classes and keep the proper training regularly.

Online classes settled tremendous pressure between students and guardians, but now it’s time to consider student destinies. It’s difficult to attend the exams in this COVID condition, but social distance will be maintained during HSC. It has been announced by our honourable education minister.

The HSC exam will be held from 17th August to 30th September 2023. As the decision took place recently, it’s very tough for candidates to prepare. The HSC exam will be taken for 100 marks this time.

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New HSC Marks Distribution Question Pattern 2023

As exams bring syllabus it’s obvious to have new question patterns. It’s for students’ comfort that every group will have different patterns of questions. Science, Business, and Humanities groups have respective patterns, so it’s extremely essential to obey the below attributes based on the group and what you are interested in.

In all general subjects, the HSC Exam 2023 deadline was three hours. The written test has a time limit of two hours and 35 minutes in three hours. The remaining 25 minutes are assigned for MCQs. In two hours and 35 minutes, the contenders must answer five to six innovative questions. And the examinee must answer 30 multiple-choice questions in 25 minutes.

New HSC Science Group Question Pattern 2023

Students in the science department must complete the written and MCQ examinations in three hours. In the first two hours and 35 minutes, science examinees will be required to answer five written questions or creative questions. And you have 25 minutes to complete 30 multiple-choice questions. After that point, no time will be counted.

New HSC Business Studies Group Question Pattern 2023

The entire time for the new HSC Examination 2023 for the Commerce Department is 3 hours. The examinee must answer 7 innovative questions in the first two hours and 35 minutes of the 180-minute test. Then, in 25 minutes, you must answer 30 multiple-choice questions. The examinee will not be approved for any additional time.

New HSC Humanities Group Questions Pattern 2023

For students in the humanities department, the HSC examination 2023 will last three hours. All topics that are not practical will have to answer five creative questions and thirty multiple-choice questions in three hours. Examiners will be given two hours and 35 minutes to answer 5/7 creative questions. And 25 minutes for 30 multiple-choice questions. The candidate must deliver a full answer within that time perimeter. The examinee will not be approved for additional time.


When will the HSC result 2023 be published?

  • After the Education Board of Bangladesh will release the final result of the HSC, we will publish the results on our website.

Where to find the latest news on the HSC exam?

  • Stick to our website and find the latest update on the HSC examination.


New HSC marks distribution and question pattern 2023 is for candidates to make their 

preparation straightforward and smooth. It will keep them motivated and develop amusement while they study. A better destiny for the young generation, with this type of decision, is indistinguishable. Stay with us for more tardy updates.

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